Shelter Outreach Plus is the primary provider of supportive housing and services directed towards the homeless and victims of domestic violence within the County of Monterey.

The agency is the largest and only provider of many of the services and programs needed by the homeless as they make their way from crisis to a sustainable, independent lifestyle. Current programs focus on emergency intervention and transitional support.

Bullet Emergency Services & Programs

(Mobile Outreach
Services Team)

MOST is a team of skilled workers who work with the county's street homeless in an effort to help them gain access to services and/or begin the process of moving off of the streets.

Emergency Shelters
  • Salinas
  • Seaside

Shelter Outreach Plus operates two 30 to 60 day emergency shelters that offer women and children safety and assistance as they begin the rehabilitative process necessary to break the cycle of abuse and/or homelessness.

Bullet Transitional Programs

This 18-month transitional living program provides a community setting for single men/women and children, and married couples with children, who are motivated to take an active step toward an independent, productive and violence-free life through employment and educational activities.

The Men in Transition program provides 24 single occupancy rooms of transitional housing for men who are committed to an independent lifestyle.